reclaiming my mornings


“To me, being creative is a very fragile thing, and somehow I’ve always felt the need to be very protective of that.” ~ Holly Hunter

On December 31st, I made a declaration. One that feels important and life-changing but is at the same time, so simple. No more morning email checks. No more heading straight to the computer/phone. No looking up anything on the internet. No FB, no Pinterest. Important real life, being the best me I can be things will be first in the day and not saved for last or not at all. Less looking outside, more contemplating within. I am bringing back mornings like I used to have them. A cup of herbal tea with a nonfiction book containing some sort of wisdom, something to help get my head and spirit in the right place before our busy homeschool days. A bit of meditation and thoughts of gratitude. Some yoga. And writing. Lots of writing. And I was thinking of setting the goal of a small sketch a day and seeing how that goes. Playing with ideas for paintings on paper so that when that precious art room time presents itself, I will be ready. So, the pencils and paper will remain out on my desk. My alarm is set for an hour earlier than my usual. It’s the fifth day of 2013 and so far, so good. Here are 4 quick sketches to share. (I haven’t taken a pic of today’s yet.) Fun and quick. No worry about perfection. No worries at all. Just the tentative beginnings of something. Or not. Just getting some graphite and ideas on paper. A good way to greet the day. Good for the soul!

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… and the one from New Year’s Eve.
8347196187_9e0891452e_bWishing you a lovely, creative weekend! xo