Back in October, I took a fun art class with Zephren Turner. Oh goodness, what a nice guy! And so talented! His wife, Page, was equally as wonderful. (Check out her amazing assemblages.) It was such a pleasure to meet them both and I meant to blog about the class months ago. But if you have visited this blog for any length of time, you know how sporadic I am with posting.

The class was an abstract drawing class and I was horrible at it. No fault of the teacher, to be sure. My issue is that I look for a story in everything. My mind can’t grasp how to make shapes without the end goal being a recognizable object. I think that one of my tablemates, D., was the first to see the bird. Maybe she found a bird in her drawing first, I can’t recall. But once the bird was revealed, I couldn’t ignore it. When I got home I gessoed around the shape and gave her a crown. All the while thinking of my friend, N., and the Portlandia episode (put a bird on it) we joked about once.

It’s not a good photo. I took it with my phone, Hipstamatic app, in the evening when the light was low. It was a fairly large drawing for me then, 12×12, maybe a bit larger. Running across the image on my phone this morning was what made me think about how I had meant to blog about that day but didn’t. And I wish I had. It’s so much better to write about an event while it is fresh in the mind.

Oh, and thinking of things that are fresh in the mind! Do you ever visit the TED talk page? I usually watch a video or two a week while I wait in the car for Olivia to finish up at dance. The latest picks were true winners! First, there was Janine Shepherd. I can’t stop thinking about her soaring journey. (warning: have a tissue nearby, the chance of tears is high.) And I had Olivia watch this one on body language and I’m so glad I did because wouldn’t you know, there was a situation today where the information about posture affecting mood and “fake it till you make it” came in very handy.

The morning sketch project is still in full swing. I was a bit late getting to it yesterday, but managed a few minutes while Olivia worked on some math problems. (The drawing was inspired by a dream: There was a bowl of three red pears and me, delivering them to a stranger’s door.) The no rules, not striving for perfect, only having fun attitude toward drawing is working. I wake up, anxious to get to my sketchpad. Now, just how to find time to get to the art room and paint some of the ideas! I am hopeful for some time this weekend. 8380390255_a78e7257d1_oWishing you lovely, creative days. xo