At the end of last month, we had a handful of Olivia’s friends over to celebrate her turning thirteen (13!). Having folks over is always met with excitement and if I am honest, more than a bit of panic. We have so much work still to do on this old house. Will they see all the rough spots? Will they judge? Will they still love me after? That sort of silliness runs through my head at those times. And it is nothing but pure silliness as, of course, everyone had fun regardless of my stairs still being half-painted. No one really seemed to care in the least. One of these days I will get over this, I promise myself.

Anyways, the downstairs bathroom is one of the rooms that IS finished and it is one of my favorite of all the rooms in the house. Just recently though I’d been rearranging paintings and in doing so, ended up leaving a big open un-arted blank space in the bathroom.

I got in my mind that I must make something for it before the party at all costs.  

I knew what I really wanted in the spot but as I am a super-slow painter, I decided I would settle on something else, something quick and easy. Something without images, only words. I’ve been seeing a lot of that on Pinterest. Sort of a chalkboard with bold letters look. Do you know what I mean? Olivia and I knew we wanted those words to be positive, the kind of quote that could turn a yucky day around or bring a bigger smile to an already good day. She found a Pinterest pin with a dance quote and it was on a square panel like we were planning to use. Perfect! (Pinterest has been quite the thing in our house lately. I really need to take more pics of all of the DIYs that my family has been inspired by, Olivia especially.)

We started with a wood panel (24×24). Ours was already covered in vintage book pages and  painted black, sitting around in the art room. We bought letter packs at Lowes (the sort that might go on a mailbox or sign-adhesive backed) and cut out the shapes. There was lots of cutting involved in this project. If I make another one of these, I would be tempted to look for letter shapes already cut out just to speed things up.

Next we worked on getting the spacing down, moving the letters around till we liked it. We kept to the Pinterest image as best we could and we started out measuring but then decided just to eyeball it. That always works better for me. Plus, I didn’t want it too be too exact, you know? Talking Olivia into veering from the inspiration image a bit and painting red in the spot where the word DANCE was to go took some work but she finally agreed and did the painting.  After all of that we peeled off the backing on the letters to expose the sticky part, placed them in their proper spots on the panel and pressed down to adhere them.

Next, we painted over the entire thing, letters and all, with white paint. Once that was dry, we peeled off the letters, exposing the black and red paint underneath. I touched up the letters with a small brush and paint. (The image above was taken before that happened and before the period after “pass” added too.) Then as a final step, I sealed it all with a layer of cold wax but you could use another method, like a spray fixative sort of thing.

And, like I mentioned, the party was a hit! No one kids or parents mentioned the unfinished parts, only the good parts. As true friends do. 🙂

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  1. Relyn

    What a wonderful, wonderful idea! Happy, happy birthday to your dear, sweet Olivia.

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