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Getting started on painting (and finding the story for) this nutcracker for a Southwest Virginia Ballet auction/fundraiser. Last year a fox was created, the year before was Galileo. I have a vague idea of the direction I want this to take but as always it’s the surprises and serendipities that make the making of things so much fun!

photo catch up

In the deep fall don’t you imagine the leaves think how comfortable it will be to touch the earth instead of the nothingness of air and the endless freshets of wind- Mary Oliver12042632_10207482126953978_3746251064239488987_n 12052358_10207461624761436_862450533082944001_o 12068844_10207477837166736_6893945003423832144_o-2 11886181_10207261773045268_7911384693606420325_o 12002587_10207344525474027_5845826506380919231_o 12030282_10207483561029829_1284219327467843792_o 12031633_10207445352034628_2310008830283608485_o 20297554790_5d054a6640_o

August Rain

August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time. – Sylvia Plath11893276_10207169598540963_2507275162929424931_o

art in artemis magazine and catching up a little

11659322_10206794775970633_3632636755418422588_n1908189_10206794778130687_4090739866907640843_nI’m very honored to have this painting “Never Giving Up” in the latest Artemis Journal.

The piece represents for me the determination I have to be a better person, to keep my goals in the forefront and not lose sight of them, to keep rolling forward, and moving in faith that good is ahead of me and divine guidance exists. See, I’ve been going through a separation. The divorce is right around the corner and a new chapter of my life has already begun. It has been a peace-filled separation but still a change and one that I am working through daily. It gives me strength to look at this piece and see how far I have already come since creating it.

I’ve been thinking, as I have many times in the last few years, about how much I miss blogging but especially I miss the way I used to blog back in the beginning, back when my page was more of a real journal, a place to get personal and not a place to just share finished work. A place to share a life that is trying to be more creative and to find my way in this wonderful world. I’m excited about the thought of being more present here in this quiet space. I’m going to post daily, even if just a photo or a quote. I feel the need to record this part of my journey. xoxo

this week…

…I received some exciting news. In August, Lesley Riley has a new book coming out, a book of illustrated quotes, and I’m happy and honored to say that I will have an artwork included! Whoot-whoot! The quote that I received to illustrate was a challenging one- ideas simmered in my mind for weeks before I was able to begin- but one that really resonated with me in the end and one that has even helped to guide me in several decisions in the last few days. Serendipity! I can’t wait until I can share more!

…I took a fall and hurt my back, making sitting an issue. Lots of emails and computer work has gone undone, plus driving has been the most unpleasant task ever. On the bright side, I’ve been able to organize the art room shelves and one day I spent standing at the dining room table, painting layer after layer of glow in the dark paint on a very tall skeleton costume.

133Yep, I spent the better part of a day on it. And it’s not that I’m getting a headstart on Halloween. It’s for the upcoming Cinderella ballet (recital). Didn’t know that there were dancing skeletons in Cinderella? Well, they are in this production! It’s going to be fun. Olivia is not a skeleton, however, much to her disappointment, saying that their dance is one of her favorites. Honestly, her parts will be a bit of a surprise for me. I know that she is a spider for the jazz dance and dust in modern, but I don’t know the dances and I’m completely clueless about the pointe piece. As always, I’m excited to see Olivia and her friends on stage. They work so very hard all year and it’s magical to see it all come together.

And thinking of ballet (which I do everyday as the mom of a daughter whose whole world is dance), the Romeo and Juliet Ballet (Southwest Virginia Ballet, the pre-professional company Olivia is in) at the end of April was beyond fantastic! I don’t have words to properly express the energy of the two shows. Olivia’s much-loved teacher and the artistic director, Pedro Szalay, choreographed the ballet and really outdid himself. There have been many compliments showered upon him and he has deserved every single one and then some. Plus, all of the dancers put their hearts in it too and were shining bright.

oliviandpedroHere is Olivia after the Sunday performance with the wonderful Mr. Pedro. I wish I could go back in time and change my camera settings. In all the excitement, I came away with blurry pics. Even so, I treasure this image.

…I made tamales for our mother/daughter bookclub. The book for this month was ESPERANZA RISING by Pamela Munoz Ryan. It was my first attempt at tamales and at a chocoflan but not the last for either! They were yummy! While I was making them, Olivia worked on some tissue paper flowers.101


New painting pics soon! I have several on the table just waiting for their finishing touches. :)