this weekend

somewhere between linden row and the theatre (richmond), a restoration in progress, and a late night poem
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August 6

Wishing you a beautiful and peace-filled day. 11838604_10207091630431809_217969833891529285_o

art in artemis magazine and catching up a little

11659322_10206794775970633_3632636755418422588_n1908189_10206794778130687_4090739866907640843_nI’m very honored to have this painting “Never Giving Up” in the latest Artemis Journal.

The piece┬árepresents for me the determination I have to be a better person, to keep my goals in the forefront and not lose sight of them, to keep rolling forward, and moving in faith that good is ahead of me and divine guidance exists. See, I’ve been going through a separation. The divorce is right around the corner and a new chapter of my life has already begun. It has been a peace-filled separation but still a change and one that I am working through daily. It gives me strength to look at this piece and see how far I have already come since creating it.

I’ve been thinking, as I have many times in the last few years, about how much I miss blogging but especially I miss the way I used to blog back in the beginning, back when my page was more of a real journal, a place to get personal and not a place to just share finished work. A place to share a life that is trying to be more creative and to find my way in this wonderful world. I’m excited about the thought of being more present here in this quiet space. I’m going to post daily, even if just a photo or a quote. I feel the need to record this part of my journey. xoxo

young living oils


So excited! Just signed up to be a seller of the Young Living essential oils that I rave about and love so dearly! They played such an enormous part in my cancer journey almost 6 years ago now. I will be writing more about that soon but had to take this moment to share. You can visit my distributor site here.

city of spires

100 matted limited edition prints of my latest piece “City of Spires.” $20. All monies go toward sending my hardworking ballerina, Olivia, to Prague for a dance festival this summer.
A little about this piece: There are 17 stars to represent the 17 dancers that will be traveling from Roanoke to the Czech Republic for the New Prague Dance Festival. The hummingbird is for safe flight and carried prayers. Prague has the rose as the national flower and is nicknamed the City of a 100 Spires.
The astronomical clock shows faintly in the background.
Thank you for taking a look! Message me if interested. smile emoticon (print size 4.5 x 4.5 in an 8×8 mat, ready to drop into a frame)
PS—I am happy to ship.17320402853_ed73fee37d_o 11351135_10206634648647550_1167790948212588056_n