Fun and Loose

New goal. 15 min of childlike art play per day. No rules but to have fun and be loose, to scribble and scratch and turn off any inner critic. ❤


Empty Nest

“Change will force you to step off the path, to venture from the nest, to close your eyes and dive right in, knowing that the greatest opportunities in life are found in the sink or swim, do or die moments.”
― Stella Payton

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Be Open


Today on the way to dance we noticed how gorgeous the light was on the fields. We pulled over and snapped some quick photos. Twenty minutes later the sun was sinking behind the mountains. ‪#‎goldenhour‬

found poem

A quickie lunchtime found poem. And as always, they are so magically representative of what’s going on in my noggin. Love this easy way to add some extra creativity into the day.
heart emoticon
I crashed into my own story, heart pounding, tired, and fragile.
Afraid of feelings like mine.
But then, in another instant I walked forward with pure intuition.
Of course!



“Vulnerability is the only authentic state. Being vulnerable means being open, for wounding, but also for pleasure. Being open to the wounds of life means also being open to the bounty and beauty. Don’t mask or deny your vulnerability: it is your greatest asset. Be vulnerable: quake and shake in your boots with it. the new goodness that is coming to you, in the form of people, situations, and things can only come to you when you are vulnerable, i.e. open.”
― Stephen Russell, Barefoot Doctor’s Guide to the Tao: A Spiritual Handbook for the Urban Warrior